Lenore graduated with an Architectural Degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign, with studies in interior design and psychology. As a student, she was drawn to beauty that had a purpose and improved people’s lives.

Lenore studied abroad at the Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles, France. “This helped form my creative sensibilities,” she explains. “I can appreciate historical approaches to architecture, evaluate state-of-the-art ideas from multi-disciplinary and international sources, and combine these to create environments that elevate my clients’ lifestyles.”

After working at well-established Chicago architecture firms and accumulating a broad background in varied project types, she co-founded Full Circle Architects, an award-winning architecture and design firm. Concurrently, she raised two (terrific!) children, learning firsthand how homes and offices need to evolve with the changing needs of the people in them.

Because of her passion for the symbiotic relationship between people and their environments, Lenore became a national speaker, teacher and design consultant.

She has published articles in architecture and design journals, and has been quoted in newspapers and magazines. In 2003, she co-authored the book Feng Shui: Principles for Building and Remodeling, demonstrating how this time-honored belief system has provided a framework for shaping meaningful built environments.

Her recent interest in ANFA (the Academy for Neuroscience and Architecture) has furthered her quest to take a systematic, empirical approach to what she’s known anecdotally and intuitively about satisfying spaces. Lenore is also LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited, instinctively seeking sustainable solutions as an integral consideration of each project.

Lenore later returned to the Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles as a visiting instructor, building relationships with colleagues in Europe. These alliances have allowed her to bring fresh, cutting-edge designs and materials to her clients in the U.S. in distinctive and cost-effective ways. She founded Lenore Weiss Studios with the purpose of creating unique, artful solutions for high-quality residential and commercial architectural design.