art-chitecture meets anthro-tecture

Lenore Weiss Studios was founded on the belief that architecture must be inspirational, eminently functional, and delightful to all the senses:

  • Inspire creative lives at work — workplaces that promote focus, communication, and are part of branding solutions that increase employee performance, boosting the bottom line.
  • Provide homes that mirror the wishes, hopes and dreams of the people who live there — create a supportive sanctuary enhancing the lifestyle of its occupants
  • Make everyday tasks not only easy to accomplish but a pleasure to do — now and in the future

To make this possible requires only one thing from our clients: that you be you.

To merit your trust, we bring a number of qualities to the drawing table:

  • Award-winning experience in creating the environments our clients seek — from a simple kitchen remodeling to designing a corporate headquarters.
  • Listening closely to what clients say — and sometimes what they don’t — to create customized design solutions that accurately reflect unique lifestyle requirements.
  • Providing unusual expertise, from international design systems to the latest sustainable materials and technologies.
  • Working well as part of a team — Our years of experience have enabled us to form alliances with other design professionals who excel in specific areas of expertise, and share our expectations for superior quality and customer service. We will assemble a team, as appropriate, to enhance project objectives with other design colleagues such as award-winning landscape architects, lighting, acoustical and electronic system designers, contractors, and even furniture makers and metal smiths. Our inclusive process includes effective communication practices ensuring that projects progress as smoothly as possible.